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Jeremy Kluth


Jeremy Kluth is the Founder of Scripture Alive, a ministry that seeks to engage people with the Word of Truth to impact real lives. His unique and memorable dramatic Scripture presentations include whole chapters and stories from 15 different books of the Bible, highlighting the heroes of the faith and God's redemptive plan through them: David, Elijah, Daniel, Peter, John, Paul and a One-Man Passion Play covering Jesus’ Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion.

Jeremy has traveled to 25 countries and dramatically presents God’s Word live at camps, chapels, conferences, and churches. He also leads Bible Memory Workshops to equip people to memorize Scripture for themselves and does guest preaching to empower people to be fruitful doers of the Word. He has performed on stage for more than a decade and holds a BA from Moody Bible Institute.

Jeremy's first book, Power to Remember: Scripture Memory That Works, was released worldwide this April. This book is the fruit of his passion and investment in Scripture memorization, which he believes will empower others in this transformational spiritual practice as they seek to know Christ better through His Word.

Character Memorization (Interviewed by
Founder of Bible Memory Goal)

For most people who memorize extended passages of Scripture, a common goal is to memorize a significantly large book (like the Gospel of Luke), to memorize a certain number of books, or to memorize the New Testament (the interviewer Josh Summers has that very goal to memorize the New Testament by the age of 40. And be sure to check out his website BibleMemoryGoal.com, a fantastic Bible memory resource).

But Jeremy's goal is a little different. With his background in theatre and bringing specific characters to life (his favorite in high school was playing the villain Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet), he has decided to channel that desire to be a character actor by diving into the lives of a variety of different Bible characters.

What fascinates him most is not just the opportunity to explore the vastly different personalities and understanding what makes each of them tick, but also what he can learn from their stories, from their successes and failures, and how God used them to fulfill His purposes. He in turn wants to teach others the lessons learned and how these stories can bring about real change in our lives. Because if God can use and transform ordinary men and women then, He can do the same with us now.

That's why he has made it his goal to memorize 10 of the most noteworthy characters in the Bible by the age of 30. There are a few criteria that go into this:

1) There is a significant portion of Scripture of their life, at least 125 verses or 25 minutes worth for performance purposes (this would exclude characters like Noah).

2) The majority of the character passages are narrative (because while Isaiah and Jeremiah are fascinating characters, it would prove challenging to portray them as almost all of their chapters are poetic as opposed to narrative).

3) This excludes any notable women of faith (like Ruth and Esther) because as they are women, Jeremy doesn't feel it would be right to portray them.

Thus, with those criteria, the ten characters he plans to memorize by age 30 are as follows: Peter (completed Fall '21), Daniel (completed Winter '22), Elijah (completed Spring '22), Paul (completed Summer '22), Moses, John, Joseph, David, Abraham, and Elisha.