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Jeremy Kluth

Jeremy Kluth

Jeremy Kluth is the Founder of Scripture Alive, a ministry that seeks to engage people with the Word of Truth to impact real lives. His unique and memorable dramatic Scripture presentations include whole chapters and stories from 15 different books of the Bible, highlighting the heroes of the faith and God's redemptive plan through them: David, Elijah, Daniel, Peter, John, Paul and a One-Man Passion Play covering Jesus’ Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion.

The Scripture Memory Podcast Part 1: Your Motivation for Memorizing

What motivates you to memorize? Is it the applause of man? Do you think you are being “super spiritual” in the pursuit of this discipline? Or perhaps, at this point in your journey, you are weary and have forgotten your motivation for hiding God’s Word in your heart. In this episode, Jeremy Kluth, founder of Scripture Alive, will join us to discuss the important topic. He’ll share with our hosts his original inspiration for memorizing and how to continue to discover new motivations for memorizing the Word of God.

The Scripture Memory Podcast Part 2: The POWER System for Memorizing

In this episode, Jeremy Kluth of Scripture Alive will join us again. He will introduce a new strategy for memorizing Scripture called The P.O.W.E.R System. Whether you are a veteran memorizer or just getting started, you’ll want to tune in to learn this new method.

Generations Radio: The Power of Scripture Memory

The Psalm 1 picture of the godly man involves a meditation on the law of God day and night. This is especially important in a day like ours in which there is little time and resources dedicated to what a godly man does. Jeremy Kluth has dedicated his life to memorizing Scripture and encouraging others to the same thing. How do we assist our families in memorization? Here are a variety of creative, helpful hints for this extremely important element of family discipleship in the Word of God.

Bible Memory Goal: What is Bible Character Memorization

Jeremy Kluth, the founder of Scripture Alive Ministry, shares this Bible memory technique that I honestly have never heard of before called character memorization. Learn about this interestingly new technique and find out whether or not it will work for you.

Moody Radio Quad Cities: Scripture Alive - A Conversation with Jeremy Kluth

Is Scripture memory part of your discipleship plan? Why is it important to hide God's Word in our hearts? Jeremy Kluth, the founder of Scripture Alive, will be talking about his journey of Bible memory on Monday's show. Jeremy will share how he has combined this passion with drama, taking his presentations to 25 different countries. We'll also pick up some Bible memory tips and hear how memorizing God's Word is powerful and fruitful in our lives.