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"I strongly encourage pastors and ministry leaders to utilize the ministry gifts of Jeremy Kluth. There's nothing like hearing God's Word memorized and expressed with passion. Your people will be inspired."

Roy Patterson, Community Relations Director

Moody Bible Institute, Chicago IL

"Jeremy has been gifted by God. Blending passion and strong contextual attention to detail, Jeremy immerses listeners' senses and emotions through his gifts of interpretive speaking. The experience brings the Word of God to life in a most memorable way."

Chris Preuss, Executive Director

Maranatha Bible & Missionary Conference, Muskegon MI

"Jeremy was a delight to our church! Bringing the life of the Apostle Paul into a live presentation entirely from the words of the Bible itself--pieced together from samples out of Acts and Paul's letters--gave us all a perspective unlike anything you can experience in a sermon or topical talk. It really came alive, especially the zeal and passion within the various texts that are sometimes lost in our typical ways of reading them before a sermon. It was truly one of the high points of our fall season!"

Bob Wolniak, Senior Pastor

Fulton Church, Edgerton WI

"Jeremy's presentations are professional, personable, and impactful. Jeremy's humble passion lets Scripture speak for itself. We immediately scheduled him to return in the near future."

TY Spenst, Senior Pastor

Trinity Evangelical Free Church, Plainview MN

"Jeremy not only possesses an amazing memory and recall of Scripture, but more importantly, he possesses the heart of commitment to and passion for the Word which is his greatest asset."

Rob Jones, Senior Pastor

Fellowship Community Church, Norwalk IA

"Looking to make Scripture come alive with fresh impact for your group? Ask Jeremy to perform it. Clearly enunciated. Dramatically presented. Appropriately contextualized. Jeremy held the attention of everyone, kids to seniors, men and women."

Bill Abeler, Executive Director

Camp Lebanon, Burtrum MN

"Jeremy quotes Scripture with great clarity, sensitivity, emotion, and passion. I would highly recommend having Jeremy to your church."

David Jones, Senior Pastor

Village Church of Barrington, Barrington IL

"Jeremy has strong performance skills, conviction, and a deep passion to bring God's Word to life for others. I encourage you to invite him to your conference or event to inspire and engage those you serve to follow Christ more deeply."

Peter Mayberry, Vice President

Awana Clubs International