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Jeremy Kluth is the Founder and Executive Director of Scripture Alive, a ministry that seeks to engage people with the Word of Truth to impact real lives. His dramatic word-for-word Scripture presentations include whole chapters and stories from 15 different books of the Bible, highlighting the heroes of the faith and God's redemptive plan through them: David, Elijah, Daniel, Peter, John, and Paul as well as a 1-Man Passion Play covering Jesus’ Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion. He also offers Scripture Memory Workshops to equip believers to memorize Scripture for themselves and does guest preaching to empower believers to be fruitful doers of the Word.

In high school and at Moody Bible Institute, Jeremy performed lead roles in school theater productions and has performed in front of groups, classes, churches, and audiences of thousands (for MBI's Candlelight Carols at Moody Church). He has also performed David and Elijah internationally for a Stewardship Pastor's Conference in Uganda. He attended a Torchbearers Bible School in Europe and has traveled extensively to 25 countries. God has combined Jeremy’s love for Scripture memorization, performance, teaching, ministry, and travel to inspire and instruct people wherever he is invited.