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Live Scripture Performances

Compelling and dramatic word-for-word presentations taken directly from the Bible.

Mad kings, golden statues, a blazing furnace, malicious supervisors, and a lion's den--Daniel and his friends were truly tested in the pagan society of Babylon, but their character and trust in God shined through the darkness. Experience their powerful stories in this 40-minute presentation. Recited using the NET and NIV translations. (Can also select any chapter of Daniel 1-6, 5-12 minutes.)

Witness the total transformation of Saul, a violent persecutor of the first century church, into the man known as Paul, the bold apostle willing to die for the sake of Christ. Including memorable stories like Paul's conversion in Damascus and Paul and Silas in prison, along with some of Paul's most well-known passages to the churches, this 40-minute presentation combining the book of Acts and six of the Pauline epistles will both encourage and challenge. Recited using the NET and NIV translations.

Often considered one of the greatest men of faith in all of Scripture, Elijah went through incredible highs and incredible lows as a prophet of the Lord. In this 40-minute presentation, watch as this "man with a nature like ours" performs incredible acts of courage and obedience while also struggling with doubt, depression, and fear. Recited using the NET and NIV translations. (Full chapters also available, 1 Kgs. 17-19 and 2 Kgs. 1-2)

Journey through the incredible life of Simon Peter. Beginning with his choosing in Luke 5 to his bold stance against the religious leaders in Acts 4, this 40-minute presentation combines key scenes from Peter's life from all four Gospel accounts, Acts, and key passages from the two Petrine epistles. Recited using the NET, ESV, and NIV translations. (Also available in a 25-minute version, which works great for chapels or church events.)

This 25-minute dramatic presentation covers Jesus in Gethsemane, Peter's Denial, Christ's Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion. Scriptures are from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to give a holistic view of the Passion which reveals Jesus' incredible love and humility in sacrificing Himself for the world. Recited using the NET, ESV, and NIV translations. (Up to 40 minutes when including the Triumphal Entry and Resurrection.)

See, hear, and experience the inspiring, hope-filled and joy-filled story of Christ's birth and arrival straight from Scripture. This 25-minute presentation combines the traditional Christmas narrative (Luke 1-2) along with passages from Matthew, John, & Isaiah. Recited using the NET, BSB, and NIV translations.

From the very first words of Scripture to the very last, there is only one constant: that is the person of Jesus Christ. Taking selected passages from Genesis to Revelation and recited using the NIV and NLT translation, the wonder and splendor of God's redemptive plan through His Son Jesus is brought to life in this 40-minute presentation. Passages cover Creation, the Fall, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and the new Creation.

Specific stories/passages from the presentations above can be presented separately. Other stories/passages available:

1) David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 (8 minutes)
2) Elijah and the Prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18 (9 minutes)
3) Peter and John's Bold Acts in Acts 3-5 (15 minutes)
4) Paul and Silas in Prison in Acts 16 (5 minutes)
Other passages, chapters, or verses on specific topics can be memorized and presented upon request.