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How to Book Jeremy Kluth for Your Church

How to Book Jeremy Kluth for Your Church

How to Book Jeremy Kluth for Your Church

“So the king gave the order, and they brought Daniel and threw him into the lions’ den.” That thrilling scene is from the book of Daniel from the Old Testament. The Bible is filled with exciting stories like that. Tales that can inspire people to have more faith in God. Unfortunately, the average attention span is getting shorter, making it difficult for people to concentrate on reading. It is sad but unsurprising that younger people are not interested in reading the Bible.


One man is doing something about that. Jeremy Kluth seeks to engage people in the Word of God through an alternative method.


The Word Lives: Scripture Alive


Jeremy is the founder of Scripture Alive, a ministry that engages people through dramatic presentations of stories from the Bible. He takes his presentations from 15 books of the Bible. He represents Biblical heroes like David, Elijah, Peter, John, and others who have proven their faith in God.


Jeremy has traveled to different countries and done live presentations at camps, conferences, and churches. Through his advocacy, he has engaged people from all over the world to learn from the stories of the Bible.


Memorizing the scriptures has a long history. People relied on their memory, particularly during the period before the invention of the printing press. Back then, access to books was limited to the very rich. People memorized passages from the Bible to help themselves spiritually. 


Even today, there are still those who make it their life’s goal to etch each and every word of the Holy Bible into their minds. While others aim to memorize a large chunk of the Holy Scriptures, entire books, and even the whole Bible itself, Jeremy has chosen a different path. 


With Jeremy’s theatre background, he decided to use the passages of the Bible that he has memorized in presenting the lives of Biblical characters. He is fascinated with exploring the motivations and goals of the various characters which he plays. At the same time, he is learning from them and their stories. He gains lessons from their lives in ways that he never would have if he just read their stories from the scriptures.


Jeremy knows that he can share the realizations he gained from the stories he presents with his audience. They can get a different perspective on the Biblical stories that they had heard and read so much about.


A Memorization Goal

Of course, the key to being able to preach through Bible stories is being able to memorize those passages from the Bible. While he is not out to memorize the entire Old Testament or New Testament, it is still a daunting task to remember entire chapters from the Holy Book.


Jeremy has made it his goal to memorize the stories of ten of the most significant characters in the Bible by the time he reaches the age of 30 years old. He has developed his own method of memorizing the scriptures and he is willing to share what he has learned with the world. That’s why he wrote his first book, Power to Remember: Scripture Memory That Works which is now available on Amazon.


Book Jeremy for Your Church


Are you interested in the services that Jeremy is offering? Maybe you would like to see your Biblical heroes acted out or you would like to start memorizing passages from the Bible as well.


Jeremy offers three services:

    • Scripture Performances
    • Memory Workshops
    • Guest Preaching


You can follow four easy steps to book Jeremy for any of the three services that he offers.

  1. Decide on the date and the kind of service you want to book.
  2. Decide on the length of time for the desired service. For his Scripture Performance, for example, the performance length ranges from 5 minutes to 40 minutes. 
  3. If you wish to book a Scripture Performance, then your next step is to choose the dramatic presentation that you want. The Memory Workshop lasts for 75 minutes and will include a Scripture Performance that will be chosen by the workshop participants. For the Guest Preaching, you also need to choose a Scripture Performance that will be used for the preaching.
  4. Once you have decided on all those details, you can send an invite to Jeremy via email. His email address is (jeremy@scripturealive.com) and you can also call or text him at (312) 600-0765.


Follow these steps so you can book Jeremy Kluth for your church, school, or conference. Experience the Bible in a different way and have a boost in your faith through Jeremy’s presentations.



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