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Why I Wrote Power to Remember: Scripture Memory That Works

Why I Wrote Power to Remember: Scripture Memory That Works

Why I Wrote Power to Remember

Power to Remember: Scripture Memory That Works is labor of love. It is the product of many years of hard work and passion on my part. I have shared some of the memorization techniques I have developed over the years in this book. But why did I write Power to Remember? What compelled me to share the memorization secrets that I have developed over the years?

Bringing Scriptures to Life

Before I explain why I wrote Power to Remember,  I would like to talk about my other passion. 

As you know, I am the founder of Scripture Alive, a ministry that seeks to engage people with the Word of God to have a major impact on their lives. How do I achieve that effect on people? I perform my ministry through my dramatic Scripture presentations. 

These presentations are like miniplays that are taken from stories in the Bible. Some presentations are even whole Bible chapters that I take and present in a dramatic way. I can say that my efforts in trying to awaken the interest in God’s words are effective because of the feedback that I get from my audience. After each performance, people would come up to me and tell me how they were moved by what they saw. It’s not uncommon for people to tell me that my presentation has awakened a passion for the Scriptures.

I have picked some of the most compelling characters and stories from the Bible. From David to Paul, I have taken their stories and shown them in a different light. Of course I could not leave behind the most compelling story of them all with the One-Man Passion Play covering Jesus’ Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion.

That is my ministry and I can say that it is achieving the goal that I have set out to do.

Inspiring Others to Memorize

Another effect that my ministry has on my audience is that it is inspiring many to do the same. They are being inspired to memorize the Bible. They don’t necessarily want to do dramatic presentations the way that I do them, but they want to memorize the word of God.

Sometimes, I would give them ideas on how to get started. I would share tips on how they can improve their memory. That’s when I came up with the idea to write a book that would contain all of the ideas that I use when it comes to memorizing Bible verses.

Empowering Others to Remember

Power to Remember is a passion project. When I was writing this, I was thinking about my audience, those who have reached out to me and told me that they were inspired by my presentations.

I wanted to make sure that they can harness the power of their memory when they want to study the word of God. 

But why is it important to memorize the word of God?

First of all, it invites God’s presence into our lives. The more that we remember the word of God, the more that we will have God’s presence in our lives. 

Also, because we think about the Scriptures all of the time, it becomes part of us. This can actually transform a person. I have experienced this in my life. As I studied the Bible and remembered God’s word I felt the transformation within me. I became closer to God in the process and I’m sure that it will have the same effect on others.

Finally, studying and remembering the Bible fulfills God’s call for us to remember. We are following God’s will when we study His words.

An Ancient Practice

The techniques that I shared and wrote in Power to Remember are not new. They are ancient techniques and methods and I am just bringing them back. I have tried to include as much practical advice as I can include in the book for effective memorization. These are ideas that people can actually use in their effort to remember and memorize the Bible. I know because I have used these ideas myself in my quest to memorize the Holy Book.

By using the simple strategies that I have outlined in this book, we can overcome the obstacles to “hiding God’s Word in our hearts.” For me, this is more than a book to be read. I want it to be a pathway to be walked. 

I want it to be a beginning for others on their journey toward becoming closer to God by learning and putting the Word of God into their hearts. 


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